Killer Wireless-N 1202 Wi-Fi Module, E2200 Ethernet Controller Announced

Qualcomm Atheros has announced that two brand new, high-end networking solutions from Killer has arrived, one is the Wireless-N 1202 Wi-Fi Module and the other is the E2200 Ethernet controller.

Mike Cubbage, director of business development, networking business unit, Qualcomm Atheros commented about the two new devices, saying...

“The Killer Wireless-N 1202 and the E2200 stay true to our promise of providing the best in online application performance, intelligence and control for consumers of both desktop and laptop computers,” ... “These products create an unprecedented entertainment and real-time communications experience for the end user by ensuring that critical online applications get the bandwidth and priority they need, when they need it.”

For those who don't know, Killer is a network solution subsidiary of Qualcomm that became famous for their embedded Ethernet controllers, which enabled gamers to get even more playability, functionality and speed out of their network service provider.

This ties into directly with one of the biggest problems in gaming right now, which is latency issues when playing online...and anyone worth their salt hates latency issues when playing online.

Sean McCann, the marketing manager at Qualcomm and lead marketer for Killer, briefed us a bit on what sort of improvements gamers could see in their titles, first explaining how their technology offers the fastest networking solution out there for end-users as well as the benefits of using the new products from Killer, saying...

We discovered that about a third of most game lag resided right there on the PC, or in the case of wireless or wi-fi gaming, right there on the laptop. What we were able to do with a combination of hardware and software, was radically shrink the amount of time it took game data to get to your game and also make sure no other traffic stepped on it.

McCann goes on to explain that on the user's end, there's a strong battle going on for network latency control. We all know that if we're playing a game and Windows decides to update right then and there, something is going to have to give leeway and usually it results in the game lagging and Windows updating very slowly, making it a lose-lose situation for gamers.

Killer's products come with software managers enabling gamers to easily and conveniently control the flow of their networking properties, so if you're downloading a game and a pesky sibling or spouse is streaming an HD movie simultaneously, you can use the software manager to control the flow of data on your end and maybe scale back the priority of your download so that someone else can stream the movie more efficiently. Alternatively, if you're downloading something while playing a game you can actually give more priority to the game so that it works to the utmost advantage offered by the Ethernet controller while putting the download on the backburner. This can even work proactively in case Windows decides to update while you're in the middle of a game, putting any additional latency-hogging programs into a priority queue so you don't have to worry about losing your place in Modern Warfare 3 or Tribes: Ascend.

What's more is that Sean goes on to explain that with the newest Wireless-N 1202 Wi-Fi Module featuring the first Bluetooth line from Killer, gamers will be able to experience much better latency times as opposed to using any other third-party adapter...

If you have two laptops and one laptop has a third-party adapter and the other has a Killer wi-fi adapter, the average latency in game data on the Killer wi-fi adapter will be 1 millisecond (ms). In other words, we measured 1 millisecond average latency in taking a packet from a computer on the network over to the laptop and back from the laptop to the other computer. That's a round trip over a wireless network of about 1 millisecond.For a third-party network adapter you'll have a rough average of about 10 milliseconds, which spikes anywhere up between 20 and 60 milliseconds .

I don't think I need to tell anyone the importance of being able to keep their ping low when gaming and the rough estimates that Sean gives is about on par to most third-party adapters, heck the Alfa 500 adapter I used to use was pretty crappy even with the extra "boost" feature, which still resulted in pretty high latency MS ratings when gaming.

You can learn more about the new Wireless-N 1202 Wi-Fi module and the E2200 Ethernet controller from Killer Gaming by paying a kind Visit to their Official Website. The E2200 is currently available while the 1202 will become available soon.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.