League Of Legends Adding Zac The Secret Weapon

What the hell is a hexchem-fueled Secret Weapon? Apparently it's the next Champion for multiplayer arena game League of Legends. Riot Games has released the first screenshots and ability details on this character, called Zac.

Zac is a former weapons laboratory experiment. He's made of a gelatinous substance. When his abilities hit an enemy, part of his body falls to the ground. He can grab these globs to regenerate his health. Zac will split into four parts when he dies, and if any of these parts survive he'll be revived with a fraction of his health.

All of his standard attacks revolve around his gelatinous nature as well. Stretching Strike will damage and slow any enemies in a line. His Unstable Matter ability makes his body explode to hit surrounding enemies. Elastic Slingshot allows him to propel himself at an enemy, damaging and stunning everyone nearby. By casting Let's Bounce, he bounces in the air three times and hits any enemies beneath him.

League of Legends is free to download and play. The game is supported financially by the optional sale of Champions and Champion skins. The free-to-play model has been wildly successful for Riot, attracting five million players at peak times.

Season 3 of LoL is currently underway. The top players in Europe and North America are battling on a weekly basis. The mid-season break is coming up next month. During the break, the top amateur players will be able to face these pros for a shot at participating in the second half of the season.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.