League Of Legends Champion Sion Is Being Reworked

Riot Games is revising one of the older characters in League of Legends. Sion the Undead Juggernaut will bring a new set of abilities to the battlefield.

"Sion’s a stubborn and tanky behemoth capable in both the solo lanes and jungle of Summoner’s Rift," Riot says of the Champion's new version. "With slow and telegraphed attacks, Sion thrives when he chains his assault together, and revels in the thick of battle."

His passive ability, Glory in Death, essentially turns him into a zombie. After all his health is gone, his life bar is refilled and his attack damage, attack speed and lifesteal are boosted. He also has one ability: Death Surge, a short movement speed increase. His health slowly bleeds out and he'll die once it's completely depleted again.

Soul Furnace also makes Sion a hard Champion to kill. This ability increases his max health whenever he kills a unit. When activated, Soul Furnace shields him from damage. If the shield lasts for its entire duration, or he reactivates the ability, it will hit all nearby enemies with a burst of magic damage.

His attacks are well-suited toward large skirmishes. Roar of the Slayer damages and slows an enemy while also shredding their armor. If the Roar hits a minion or jungle monster, it will knock them into other enemies and slow or damage them. Decimating Smash is an attack that causes more damage the longer Sion charges it and will knock up all enemies in the way as long as it's half-charged.

Sion's Ultimate ability Unstoppable Onslaught allows him to charge in one direction and trample anyone in his path. He'll deal area of effect damage at the end of this charge. However, he needs to be careful because if he hits a wall during this motion, he'll stun himself.

The bottom line is that Sion can be a devastating opponent when enemies are within range of his axe. Allies with crowd control or movement speed buffs can make him even more effective. He struggles, though, against agile enemies with crowd control that can keep their distance.

Riot Games regularly updates their older Champions. They recently introduced facelifts for Viktor and Soraka as well. Those characters' remakes were included with Patch 4.17.

The studio has other big changes in store for LoL besides new character abilities. The studio is writing the game's lore and introducing new punishments for toxic players.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.