Once I heard that Microsoft was going to cut the prices of all three Xbox 360 models, I immediately wondered if Sony would respond with an announcement of their own. Would they slash their own console prices in response? Was Microsoft's move a preemptive strike against a planned price reduction by Sony?

Nope and nope, according to SCEE president David Reeves. "We're not going to drop the price this year," he said to VG247. He maintained that games, not prices, are what drive console sales and he was very confident in Sony's lineup of titles. "We started off at the beginning of the year with GT5 Prologue, then we went to GTA IV, then Metal Gear Solid. There'll be LittleBigPlanet, and then we move onto PES and FIFA and all those."

I can't argue with the point that a console's video game library is a huge determinant of sales. The main thing holding back the PS3 was that people looked at it and went, "It's the most powerful console out there, but it just doesn't have enough games yet." The 360's larger library of titles is definitely it's biggest advantage over PS3 but I'm not sure you can overlook the cheaper price, too. High-profile game releases may increase console sales but if those games come out for both consoles (as with Call of Duty 4 and GTAIV) and one console is fifty or a hundred dollars cheaper, people looking to get that new game may just go with the less expensive option.

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