Madden 16 Bug Causes The World's Longest Fumble

There's a near 10 minute video featuring a fumble bug in EA Sports' Madden NFL 16. The bug sees the ball being fumbled around with neither team being able to pick up the ball during the play. Hilarity ensues.

YouTuber Aimless Adventure Podcast posted up the video and made sure to add some fitting music to the event. You can check it out below.

With all the players falling over each other it looks like someone is stirring a pot full of cauliflower.

The glitch takes place in a match between the Arizona Cardinals and the Carolina Panthers. During a first down with less than three minutes on the clock in the third quarter, the Panthers attempt an interception on a long pass; the ball fumbles.

From there the ball rolls around on the ground, scooting and moving down the field toward the end zone but neither team are able to pick it up and make a play on it.

This continues for literally close to 10 minutes all the way up until the ball is forcibly rolled out of play.

I'm curious what the replay would have looked like?

There are a lot of glitches in a lot of games but this obviously one of the more benign glitches. In fact, this is a glitch that will likely help put eyes on EA's Madden NFL 16 even though the game is now getting close to being a month old. A lot of people came away with a good laugh and plenty of websites picked up on the news to help perpetuate the entertaining kerfuffle.

Electronic Arts games are no strangers to glitches, though. They regularly get railed on by a number of dedicated fans for one glitch or another seemingly ruining their gameplay experience, from the old Tiger Woods games to the NHL series to NBA Live – there are horror stories of glitches interrupting otherwise normal gameplay.

Of course, with annualized series it's really hard to hammer out all the glitches while also introducing new features. It's one of the reasons why the annual games like WWE 2K and Madden NFL are spotlighted often in YouTube series where the glitches make the highlight reel. As the old saying goes in the development arena: you fix one thing, add another and break something else.

In the case of Madden NFL 16, this particular glitch found its way around the web and has been appearing on all sorts of gaming websites as of late, so Aimless Adventure Podcast will likely see a huge influx of subscribers. Whether or not EA will address the glitch is completely up in the air, but it would probably be a lot more fun if they left in so that every once in a while gamers encounter the butterfinger fumble glitch.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.