New Mafia 3 Video Shows The Mechanics Of Driving

In Mafia III, you're going to need to be able to get around the city with a quickness from time to time. In order to do that, you're going to need to get behind the wheel of some classic automobile. In case you're curious how cruising through New Bordeaux will work, there's a handy tutorial made just for you.

In the months leading up to the launch of Mafia III, we're going to be getting a look at all sorts of tutorials diving into the game's various mechanics. For those who feel like watching, you can think of it as an early guide to playing the game so, when it finally releases, you can start busting heads like a champ.

According to Design Director Matthias Worch in the above video on driving in Mafia III, it's explained that the team is trying to achieve something they call “Hollywood action driving.” He further explains that the team wants players to feel like they are a stunt driver on the set of a 1960's action flick, getting across the point that you're a really good driver, but you're still behind the wheel of a real car that has weight, physics, etc.

As for the cars themselves, they've apparently been designed by folks who have degrees in automobile engineering, so they're going to look extremely realistic in the game world.

Worch explains that the terrain will also affect your car, so the way it handles on muddy roads, rainy streets or dry pavement, for instance, will be slightly different.

Executive Producer Denby Grace said that, when it comes to access to these cars, the team is basically taking a Grand Theft Auto approach. You can get into every vehicle and, after five to 10 minutes of cruising around, you should have a feel for how it handles, giving you a chance to tear around the streets of New Bordeaux like a pro. That kind of reminds me of some of my favorite driving games of the PlayStation era, Driver. If they manage to match that feel, I might just spend more time driving than walking once Mafia III drops.

In Mafia III, players will take on the role of Lincoln Clay, a former soldier who returns home in 1968 to discover his surrogate family, the black mob, has been obliterated by a branch of the Italian Mafia who wishes to move in on the city. That, obviously, does not sit well with Clay, who will now use every tool at his disposal (including lots and lots of cars) to seek his revenge.

Look for Mafia III to hit the PS4, Xbox One and PC Oct. 7.

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.