Professional eSports organizers Major League Gaming launched their own premium entertainment channel. MLG.TV broadcasts new eSports content to the web and mobile devices.

"MLG is one of the fastest growing premium content producers on the web with over 600% growth in audience over the last three years and a long history of driving industry-leading returns for major brand advertisers,” said Sundance DiGiovanni, co-founder and CEO of MLG. "We leveraged our experience as a top online broadcaster to create the ultimate environment for not only our own content, but other industry leaders as well. Based on years of research and first-hand experience with other streaming solutions, we built a platform from the ground up to deliver the viewing experiences that we and our partners create. The MLG.TV network and video player are architected to deliver the highest quality viewing experience possible, utilizing the most reliable streaming technology available."

The MLG.TV player allows for 1080p HD content. During the two-week beta, over 1.3 Petabytes of content (over 1300 Terabytes) were streamed to viewers. While watching the channel's original programming, viewers can discuss the events through a Twitter-driven chat feature. They will drown us all in a sea of hashtags.

The event footage on MLG.TV is supplemented by new shows like the eSports Report. The eSports Report features news, interviews and analysis of the latest gaming competitions every Thursday at 7 ET. MLG has also enlisted OpTic Gaming and Gfinity to produce their own regular programming. The company says that viewers can expect content from several other eSports organization and gaming personalities in the future.

"MLG’s experience as the global leader in eSports made MLG.TV the definitive solution for distributing our special event content to our expansive global fan base," said Hector Rodriguez, owner of the OpTic Gaming Team and Organization. "In the few weeks that we have been leveraging, our hashtag #OpTicGrind trended on Twitter nearly daily via MLG chat."

The public launch of MLG.TV comes just days before the MLG Championship returns to Columbus, Ohio. The three-day event from November 22nd to November 24th will see players compete in both Call of Duty: Ghosts and Dota 2 for over $100,000 in prizes. This is the first ever Ghosts tournament and MLG's first international DOTA 2 competition. The broadcast for the championship will begin on November 22nd at 5pm ET. There will be two streams for Ghosts competition and three for Dota 2 throughout the weekend. You can check out the full schedule and details for the event here.

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