Things are about to get cruel over on the PlayStation Network. They’re about to get nasty. Heck, I’d even go so far as to say PSN is primed to get Malicious. It’s taken quite a while for Alvion’s action brawler to finally make it to the states but, come July 24, us Yanks will finally be able to get our hands on Malicious, exclusively for the PS3.

I’ve been (not so) patiently following Malicious for about a year now, led along by a string of rumors promising the Japanese title would someday make its way to the States. There is even an enhanced Vita version of the game available in Japan, and yet us U.S. gamers have still being left out of all that jumping, flipping and pummeling…Until now.

SCEA Assistant Producer Dais Kawaguchi has announced through the PlayStation Blog that Malicious will finally be making the trip across the pond in just a couple of weeks, set to hit PSN on July 24.

Europeans got in on the action earlier this year, the lucky ducks. Here’s a gander at the release trailer for those territories.

Pretty sweet, right? That dude is in control of one very violent scarf. I haven’t seen neckwear that magnificent since the fourth Doctor.

So, yeah, we finally get Malicious. And for those of you saving your summer allowance, it’ll only set you back $9.99.

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