BioWare announced the release details for Mass Effect 3's newest single-player add-on, Leviathan. Leviathan will touch down on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in the last week of August.

In Leviathan, Shepard and his squad journey to a remote mining facility to save a scientist. While doing so, they encounter a being powerful enough to slay Reapers. The identity of this being is meant to be a surprise but if you want it spoiled, head here. T

During the course of the adventure, players will acquire two new weapons and some Achievements/Trophies. The outcome of this adventure will also impact the ending of your game, if you're in the mood to replay all that jazz.

Leviathan will debut on Xbox 360, PC, and North American PSN on August 28th. PSN in Europe will add the content on August 29th. The content is priced at $10 on all platforms.

This will be the first paid, single-player DLC released for ME3 since From the Ashes, which debuted at launch. Presumably this content would've arrived sooner had BioWare not gone back to fix the game's endings.

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