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Metal Gear Online Update Lets You Wear Cat

In the latest update for Metal Gear Online a cat hat has been added, which gives the character a goofy look exhibiting a fluffy cat sitting atop their head while on a mission. The cat hat doesn't have any special attributes but if you like cats... you probably won't want to miss out on the cat hat.

PC Gamer rolled out a few screenshots of the hat and simply describe it as a visual accessory players can choose to wear into battle. It's available now for the Metal Gear Online component of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The cat accessory was added in the latest November update that Konami recently rolled out.

Speaking of the update and hats... the November, 2015 update on the Konami news page reveals that it's now easier to get the cheating Chicken Hat and 'Lil Chicken Hat. Players who find themselves repeatedly failing missions will be awarded the two hats to make it easier to get through those missions. They also added a “Rookie Assist Function” for the FOB missions in the Espionage Rating, so that players will no longer lose points if they repeatedly find themselves failing the FOB missions.

Speaking of FOB missions... players are now able to construct more FOB operations to increase staff capacity and resources. This is accompanied by the new “Stealth Mode” for the FOB infiltration missions that players can go on. When going prone and crawling, you can avoid detection in Metal Gear Solid V's FOB missions by activating the “Stealth Mode” to have Snake or the character you're playing disappear from the predicted field of movement from the security devices. It's a nice way to avoid being picked up while attacking an opponent's base.

There's also a new “Anti-Reflex Research” option that's been added to the research for medical teams on the FOB. This research means that the higher your medical team is on the FOB the lower the Reflex mode will be for invaders. It's a counter-measure for the invader's alert counter-measure. The whole thing gets really meta when you start thinking about how there seems to be a counter for every counter possibility brought up during a mission.

They've also added new security devices that can be added to the FOBs to help detect online invaders. The new devices will take a while to build and Konami encourages users to use real-life microtransactions to help shorten the development time... just like in a mobile game.

They've also added new Grade 8 weapons to Metal Gear Solid V's weapon arsenal. Players can now create a new automatic shotgun, a suppressed assault rifle and a stun pistol. They also make it known that while developing these new weapons on your base through the research and development function, you can shorten the time that these weapons will be in development by using the MB coins, the paid in-game currency for cash shop items in Metal Gear Solid V.

All of these features, and more, are available in the latest update for The Phantom Pain and Metal Gear Online. Of course, some people don't care at all for the updates and patches and would probably just worry about getting that new cat hat so they can run around in style during online bouts.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.