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Konami decided to engage in a bit of pre-E3 teasing tonight. They released a video showing off the very first bit of the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance demo that will be playable at the convention.

When I say "the very first bit," I don't mean that they show the first minute or so of gameplay footage. Oh, no. They show off the title screen for the demo. Granted, the title screen is pretty cool - it shows a fully-rendered Raiden striking a pose - but still. They could've given us a little bit more to go on.

Revengeance is set between the events of Metal Gear Solid 2 and MGS4. Players take on the role of Raiden, the former FOXHOUND agent who's now a cyborg ninja. Unlike MGS games, Revengeance focuses on melee combat instead of stealth.

The Metal Gear name alone makes the game of great interest. Its somewhat bumpy development - the game was cancelled by Kojima Productions and then resurrected by Bayonetta studio Platinum Games as a pure action game - has only increased everyone's curiosity. We're all wondering whether Revengeance will still feel like a true Metal Gear game in spite of the new genre and new developer.

We'll see how the demo turns out when E3 rolls around. In the mean time, we'll just sit around examining this title screen.

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