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Minecraft studio Mojang will be releasing their strategy game Scrolls to the public in late April. The open beta version will be available for purchase on the PC at a discounted rate.

Scrolls is a cross between a board game and a collectible card game. Players battle each other and A.I. opponents using magical scrolls. By winning battles, they earn additional scrolls for their collection.

The game will be rolled out in a similar fashion as Minecraft. Minecraft was first sold at €10 initially and its price crept up to €20 as it become more and more polished. The discount essentially rewards players for testing the game and helping Mojang develop the final product. Mojang co-founder and game designer Jakob Porser told Polygon that the price of Scrolls will be comparable.

After you pay that initial amount, that's it. You won't have to pay additional money to get any of the content updates. Porser mentions that there may be some optional microtransactions for cosmetic avatar upgrades or deeper stat tracking, but there won't be much of that.

The alpha test began this summer. Both online and A.I. battles are supported in the alpha build. Mojang previously revealed that an auction house, character customization, and explorable world will be added in the beta.

Scrolls was announced back in 2011. The game's title led to a lawsuit from Elder Scrolls studio Bethesda Softworks. However, the two companies reached a settlement last year that allowed Mojang to keep the title.

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