Minecraft creators Mojang have announced that the closed alpha for Scrolls will begin soon. They also detailed their plans for releasing the game to the general public.

Scrolls is an online collectible card game. In the alpha version, players will be able to face off against both human and A.I. opponents. They can build their deck of cards using 100+ scrolls.

After Mojang has a stable alpha build, they'll launch an open beta. During the beta period, players will be able to purchase the full version of the game at a lower price. Early buyers will be able to earn other rewards as well but they weren't detailed today.

The beta will introduce a single-player world for players to explore. By battling enemies in this world, you'll find new scrolls that can be used for your deck. The development team plans to add other features to the game, such as character customization and an auction house, throughout the course of the test.

Minecraft's alpha lasted for about a year and a half. The beta then ran for about a year. A lot of companies treat betas as glorified demos but Mojang was content to let players poke around with a very raw version of the game. The extended testing helped the game slowly assemble a fanbase before the full version was even available. It's no surprise they'd adopt the same strategy with their follow-up game.

Mojang just relaunched the website for Scrolls as well today. The new content on the site includes a gameplay trailer, which you can check out below.

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