IGG has been working on Moonlight Online for the past couple of years. The game is an in-house project that originally seemed like a cheap cash-in on the Twilight craze, however after further gameplay details were released for the game it became obvious that Moonlight Online -- despite its cheesy name and equally cheesy artwork with a glowing vampire floating about -- actually has a lot of potential.

One of the highlights of the game is that it mirrors the three-way PvP of SoftOn Entertainment's cult-classic, DarkEden Online. This means that players from various factions can battle it out once they leave the safe zones. What's more is that the game has a full-featured parkour mode for traveling rooftops and cityscapes, as well as mounts, various specialty classes for the werewolves, slayers and vampires as well as guilds, real-time active combat and the latest and greatest in graphics technology including full DirectX 11 support.

Today, IGG let gamers in on how the vampire Elementalist works. Basically, the class is a ranged projectile based build with some defensive abilities and powerful charge-up attacks. The weakness of the Elementalist lies in their inability to effectively combat melee class characters. For the most part, you would use an Elementalist for long-range support, high-damage projectiles or to fend off mobs from a melee-based teammate.

Despite its nudging ties to the Twilight saga, I'm still very excited about Moonlight Online and you can learn more about the character classes and gameplay details over at the Official Website. If you have a lick of Chinese linguistics under your belt you can participate in the closed-beta which is being held via a Facebook App. Moonlight Online is expected to launch fully later this year during the spring.

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