Mortal Kombat X Sells Easy Fatalities For Money

Having trouble pulling off those over-the-top fatalities in Mortal Kombat X? Don’t worry, because NetherRealm Studios has your back courtesy of a new mechanic known as “easy fatalities.” There is just one small catch, though: If you aren’t keen on spending hour upon hours unlocking them one at a time, you can pay for them instead.

We recently learned that Mortal Kombat X would offer players the ability to basically tap a couple of buttons and pull off one of the series’ legendary (and legendarily graphic) finishing moves. Now that the game has launched, though, we’re finding out that said handy feature also comes with a price tag attached to it.

In one of the weirdest microtransaction moves to come along since, well, ever, NetherRealm Studios is offering two types of easy fatality bundles. For a single buck, you’ve earned yourself access to five easy fatalities. If, however, you want to put the final hurt on your enemies regularly but don’t want to try to learn each complex series of inputs, you could simply fork over $4.99 for all 30.

To be fair, you can always make the argument that nobody is forcing anybody to pay for these extra little mechanics. After all, you can unlock all of the easy fatalities slowly but surely simply by playing the game. As with recent Mortal Kombat games, simply winning matches and completing challenges earns you Koins. These Koins can then be spend in the Krypt, which is where you can try your luck at unlocking everything from concept art and character skins to those easy fatalities we were just talking about.

To convolute matters a bit more, Mortal Kombat X is launching with the traditional “We know you just paid $60 for the game but here’s another bundle of things to fork over even more money for.” Blue Steel Sub-Zero, for instance, is a $1.99 skin. And then there’s Goro, who was free if you pre-ordered the game and is now $4.99 for everyone else. If you’d like to buy the Kombat Pack Season Pass, that’ll just be another $29.99 and includes additional fighters and skins. Oh, and for those of you who prefer to simply unlock everything in the game all at once, you can delve into the entirety of the Krypt for just $19.99 more.

At this point, I don’t know if I should be frustrated or amused at all the different ways publishers/developers are trying to make even more money off of every game that hits store shelves. Assuming those new fighters don’t come out at a rate that suggests they are already ready to roll and were simply held back, I suppose there’s no real harm in charging a few extra bucks along the way. Then again, I can’t help but miss the days when games weren’t being developed with these sorts of microtransactions in mind and, you know, came out feeling like complete packages.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.