2K Sports decided to tap three athletes for the cover of NBA 2K13. The Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant, Los Angeles Clippers' Blake Griffin and Chicago Bulls' Derrick Rose will share the honor.

Rose, Durant and Griffin are three rising stars in the league. Each won the Rookie of the Year award upon entering the NBA. Collectively they've attained eight All-Star game appearances, three scoring titles and one Most Valuable Player award.

"There are many young superstars in today's NBA, but we've selected three incredible athletes for the cover of NBA 2K13 that represent the NBA well," concluded Jason Argent, vice president of marketing for 2K Sports. "It's clear to us that Blake, Derrick and Kevin are the most deserving guys to inherit the NBA 2K cover from Jordan, Magic and Bird."

The upside to including multiple players on the cover is that it makes the game that much easier to market 2K's got three pro athletes promoting the game instead of just one. The cover should stir up a bit of excitement among each player's fanbase, too.

That being said: I wish they'd act more adversarial on the cover. They're all slam-dunking in unison. I'd rather see them engaged in a knife fight, or standing at the corners of a boxing ring and mean mugging each other. Hate and fight each other for our amusement!

NBA 2K13 debuts in North America on October 2nd. The international release will follow on the 5th.

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