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Man, all that negative news about the Xbox One could almost make you forget why we love the industry in the first place: the games. Limasse Five released a new trailer and promo material for their architecturally inspired horror game, Naissancee.

Using a sort of noire arcological aesthetic for the geometry and design, Naissancee is a strange addition to the interactive entertainment library and I like it. There is a strong semblance to Alexander Bruce's Antichamber and the challenge of figuring out what's real and what's not.

Using a lot of Platonic idealism as the basis for exploration, players will be transported to a world where reality is not what you can see and understand, but what you can discover by actually being able to travel through to get to your desired location. It's some trippy stuff that seems very similar to Montas fused with Terry Gilliam's Brazil and the movie Dark City all fused together.

I'm glad we're still seeing emerging ideas that explore experimental concepts of interactivity and constantly challenging what we expect from our gaming habits. It's kind of sad that these boundary-pushing games aren't ever made available on home consoles, especially considering that this game was designed with Epic's Unreal Development Kit, so it's not even as if it's technologically impossible, it's just a matter of getting through the red tape.

Anyway, if you like what Limasse Five is working on and would like to see this game appear on Steam's store, be sure to pay a visit to the official Steam Greenlight page and pass an upvote or two the way of Naissancee.

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