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Nvidia Teases GTX Titan LE, GTX Titan Ultra?

After news broke that in early benchmark tests between the upcoming AMD Radeon HD 7990 Malta and Nvidia's Titan, with the Malta curb-stomping a mudhole in the Titan, there are new whispers in the world of tech that Nvidia isn't too worried because they have a titanic answer for AMD's Malta.

Extreme Tech has caught wind that Nvidia could be brisking up some new flavors in the GPU market by answering AMD's Malta gauntlet toss. How? By expanding the Titan from a single card into its very own brand.

It makes complete sense that one of the most publicized graphics cards in gaming and tech news would eventually become its own brand, and I'm talking about one of the most popular single GPUs on the market, the Titan.

Rumors are circulating that Nvidia is planning on expanding the Titan with a lower cost version called the GTX Titan LE, with 208 TMUs, 5GB GDDR5 VRAM and 2,496 CUDA cores, which will be a slightly lower-spec version of the original Titan that comes with 2688 CUDA cores, 6GB GDDR5 VRAM and starts at the 837mhz clock rate. While no price popped up in the rumor, it will obviously be cheaper than the $1,000 Titan that's currently available on the market.

Alternatively, if you feel that you need to show your true fanboy support to Nvidia and the Titan, the GTX Titan Ultra is planned on being the mitigating factor of turning the tide of comparisons made between the Titan and the Malta. The GTX TU or the GTX Titan II will clock 2,880 CUDA cores, nearly 200 more than the original Titan, and it will rock starting clock speeds of 935mhz, which is just 65mhz short of AMD's 7990 Malta. The GTX T2 will, of course, launch upward of the original Titan's $1,000 price mark.

However, technically, the specs of the GTX T2 seems more like an overclocked Titan, but I imagine this is just enough to get the fanboy war to rage harder than ever with the single GPU GTX T2 nearly being comparable to the dual GPU specs of the 7990 Malta, especially keeping in mind that the Malta has a 30% performance edge over the original Titan in unofficial benchmark tests. That's not to mention that the Malta was the card that DICE and EA went with during that impressive 17 minute in-game display of Battlefield 4, which aced 60 consistent FPS throughout the entire Frostbite 3 demonstration.

Even if the GTX Titan LE and the GTX Titan II aren't real, at least Nvidia didn't concede an entire two weeks of praise and marketing good will towards AMD and their kneel-down-and-worship-worthy Radeon HD 7990 Malta. However, I wouldn't be surprised if the Titan became Nvidia's next ace-in-hole for GPU branding.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.