If you wanted to play console-style games on your mobile phone, well it looks like the option has come a lot sooner than most people expected with the OnLive cloud app now available for Android smartphones and tablets.

For those of you who don't know, you can access all kinds of high-grade games from top publishers such as THQ, Ubisoft, and EA from cloud servers. This means that you're playing the game from the OnLive servers as opposed to downloading or installing the game onto your system. This means you can play games like Crysis 2 and Batman: Arkham City on the highest settings and in HD without worrying about the game blowing your system into computer oblivion.

You can install OnLive on your Android or mobile tablet device using the new OnLive mobile app. This means that you can bring any of those aforementioned high-end games with you wherever you go. In addition to this, a new wireless controller is on the way that enables you to either play games using the mobile phone's touch screen or using the OnLive controller to play on your mobile device, laptop or TV.

Whether you're a naysayer or just not interested in OnLive, you have to admit that a mobile app that enables you to play a game like Crysis 2 while on the go is pretty nifty, eh?

You can learn more about the new wireless controller and the OnLive mobile app by visiting the Official Website. Additional tablets and mobile devices will be supported by the OnLive app soon.

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