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Robot Entertainment will be releasing the sequel to Orcs Must Die! next month. Today they confirmed a July 30th release date for the PC tower defense game.

Orcs Must Die! 2 once again pits the War Mage against mindless orcs and other monsters. Players will face a mix of old and new enemies. They'll have an assortment of defenses at their disposal as well as trinkets and a spellbook.

The biggest difference between OMD2 and its predecessor, though, is that this game has co-op. The second player takes on the role of the Sorceress. The Sorceress, said to be a more "nuanced" character, wields a combination of mind-control and magic in battle.

Screenshots of OMD2 are below. As you can see, the game is played from a third-person perspective rather than the usual top-down camera used in other tower defense games. It almost gives the game an action RPG or hack-and-slash feel.

While you wait for the sequel to arrive, you may want to pick up the original game. Robot says that owners of the PC version of OMD will unlock exclusive content in the sequel.

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