Papo and Yo is a story about a boy and his monster and, starting today, the award-winning adventure game is now available for purchase on PC. If you act fast, you’ll even be able to snag the game at a small discount.

Papo and Yo first launched as a PlayStation Network exclusive, garnering much critical praise for its approach to telling a dark, personal story through a bright and colorful adventure game. Now Papo and Yo is ready to be enjoyed by PC gamers, complete with new graphics, controls, cinematics and character animations. If you pick it up through Steam, there’s also support for Big Picture mode. For a list of places to buy a digital copy of the game, visit the Minority Media official blog. Between now and April 28, the game will be marked down by 10 percent, going for $13.50. After that, it’s go back up to its regular price of $14.99.

In Papo and Yo, the player takes on the role of a young boy named Quico. Quico’s best friend is Monster, a literal monster, who just so happens to be addicted to poisonous frogs. The problem is that when Monster eats one of these frogs, he goes into a blind rage, destroying everything in sight. Quico’s job is to help Monster overcome his addiction, a story that lands close to home for creator Vander Caballero.

Papo and Yo is my personal, emotional story told through a video game,” Caballero said. “For so many years I wanted to make a game about my father, who was an alcoholic, but wasn’t sure if the industry was ready for something like this.”

As it turns out, the world was very ready for such a unique twist on the standard exploration/puzzle solving formula.

“When Papo finally came out, the feedback we got made it clear that gamers want new types of experience that go beyond killing the next enemy,” he continued. “Now we want to continue to bring fun games that evoke emotional experiences to as many people as possible, starting today by sharing Papo with PC gamers.”

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