In light of the upcoming Penny Arcade Expo, Trendy Entertainment is celebrating the expo by including four brand new skins to their best selling digital title, Dungeon Defenders.

The new skins feature the alter egos of popular web-comic creators and will be part of a new discounted DLC pack available this Friday.

Jeremy Stieglitz, CTO and co-founder of Trendy Entertainment commented about the inclusion of the Penny Arcade crew, saying...
“We’re all HUGE fans of the Penny Arcade strip, and of how they’ve consistently churned out hilarious and thought-provoking comics on the gaming industry for well over a dozen years,” ... “It’s a gigantic feather in our cap to hear that Mike and Jerry are fans of Dungeon Defenders – they’re famously selective about which games they work with, and we’re ecstatic to have made the cut. We hope these characters provide some levity and excitement for our PC players leading into the best gaming festival around.”

In addition to the skins anyone attending PAX East will get an exclusive first-hand look at the upcoming Aquanos DLC, which is the third part of the Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards DLC.

The game itself is really awesome and one of the best multi-genre gems of this generation of gaming. Dungeon Defenders sports four-player local co-op as well as six through eight-player online co-op, where players will use tower defense strategies to take on hordes of goblins, mages, wyverns and orcs, as well as utilizing hack-and-slash techniques to engage foes in melee or projectile based combat. That's not to mention that the game has a looting system nearly equivalent to Diablo and Borderlands.

You can grab a few extra details on the PAX DLC for Dungeon Defenders below or visit the Official Website to learn more.

PAX PC DLC For Dungeon Defenders Features:

• Cardboard Tube Samurai (Gabe’s alter-ego – skin for the Monk Class)
• Tycho (skin for the Squire Class)
• Annarchy (skin for the Huntress Class)
• Jim Darkmagic (skin for the Apprentice Class)

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