With January 2014 right around the corner, Sony has now revealed the first batch of PlayStation Plus offerings for the New Year and boy-howdy is this list a doozy, sporting a brand new indie title for the PS4, one of the biggest games of last year for the PS3 and more.

PlayStation Plus' lineup of titles in its Instant Game Collection has always been impressive and, in January, some of the most impressive additions yet will be making their way onto the list, according to the PlayStation Blog.

First up, let's take a gander at the PS4 offering for the month, Don't Starve. When the PS4 first arrived on the scene last month, it launched with a pair of IGC offerings in the form of Resogun and Contrast. This double dipping of gaming goodness meant that there was no IGC game for the PS4 in January, so owners of Sony's newest home console have had to wait patiently for their next big title to be added to the list. In January, that game will take the form of indie roguelike survival game, Don't Starve. As a traveling scientist, you are on a quest to make your way home in a wilderness full of monsters and deadly situations. You're going to die a lot in this one, but each death will bring with it more information about how to survive in this unforgiving world in the hopes of one day making it to your front door.

On the Vita front, things aren't quite so bright and shiny as two less-exciting games get added to the free game collection. These include the puzzle/brain training game, Smart as... and the multiplayer miniscule war game, Worms: Battle Islands. Smart as... features all kinds of puzzles to sharpen the ole grey matter, as well as daily challenges that will help keep those synapses firing while comparing your score to those of your friends. Worms: Battle Island continues the tradition of all out war on a tiny scale as you customize your squiggly army before taking them out onto the randomly generated battlefield and duke it out with dynamite, baseball bats and holy hand grenades.

That's all well and good but, over on the PlayStation 3, easily one of the best trios of games to ever come to Plus is being released this month, starting with Brothers. An indie darling from this past fall, Brothers puts players in control of the titular heroes, who must explore a magical land in order to help their father. You'll control each brother with either joystick, making for an experience wholly unlike any other.

If murdering demons in quick succession is more your speed, then perhaps I can interest you in DMC: Devil May Cry instead. Say what you will about the new Dante, DMC offers all of the over-the-top action and platforming the series has become known for, as well as a healthy dose of headstrong swagger as Dante goes on a quest to free mankind from the control of evil forces.

Finally, the 700-pound gorilla known as BioShock: Infinite will be added to the PS3 IGC this month, giving players the chance to explore the floating city of Columbia on a quest to save a young woman from an idyllic civilization with more than a few skeletons in the closet.

Look for all of that to hit PS Plus this January.
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