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PlayStation Won Black Friday, Study Says

There are some interesting stats on the Black Friday sales rush between the consoles. As we all know, whenever it comes to sales we can expect console war comparisons, and marketing and research firm Infoscout didn't disappoint. According to their figures, the PlayStation brand just barely edged out a win over the Xbox and Nintendo this past weekend.

Infoscout's stats show a comparison between buying trends of Millennials and middle-aged consumers between October and this past Black Friday shopping spree. The stats are a little shocking but that's mainly because of the October comparison, which contained a sales anomaly compared to the rest of the year, mostly thanks to the release of Halo 5: Guardians.

So just as a prerequisite going in, the Xbox One won October in the NPD Group's report. It edged out the PS4 by just over 25,000 SKUs. For Infoscout's data they revealed that Millennials between the age of 18 and 35 favored Xbox during October by 39%, where-as Nintendo carried a market share of 20% and the PlayStation brand had a market share of 40%.

Middle-aged consumers showed a different kind of disparity, favoring the Xbox brand by 35%, Nintendo products by 34% and the PlayStation brand by 30%. Americans of an older crop are obviously more amicable toward the American-made Xbox brand over Sony's PlayStation.

During the Black Friday sales rush, the Millennials really kicked their purchasing power into top gear. According to Infoscout, the Xbox only managed 32% of the market share, where-as Nintendo dropped to 19% and PlayStation came out the winner with 48% of the pie among the 18 through 35 crowd. The middle aged group took a very different approach to their buying habits, with the Xbox taking a 37% piece of the market share, while Nintendo settled at 30% and the PlayStation evened out at 33%.

The interesting thing about it is that the middle aged consumers seem consistent in prefering Nintendo and Xbox over the PlayStation – or at least, in the month of October. I would hazard a guess that the deep discounts and release of games like Halo 5 helped with that.

Millennials stayed consistent in supporting PlayStation both in October and in November. Obviously, despite the middle-aged group preferring Xbox in both months, the reality is that they seem to hold smaller sway in the larger scheme of things, since during the November sales rush Sony managed to hit the 30.2 million mark for their install base.

It's not surprising that the PS4 would come away with more market share during Black Friday, since there was a running rumor that the reason the console didn't beat the Xbox One during the month of October was because the Black Friday deals had leaked early, where the PS4 could be purchased from some retailers for as cheap as $279.99.

Sony has decidedly taken a steep lead over Microsoft during this generation, a lot of it having to do with Microsoft's blunders for the Xbox One early in the generation during 2013. Being out of touch with the core gaming community goes a long ways in hurting the mind share of a product, which in turn hurts the sales, which in turn hurts the overall market share.

What's even more interesting is that the PS4 hasn't had any really big killer apps to release on the system but it's still selling like hot cakes.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.