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Heads up! The Puppeteer is headed to the PlayStation 3 on Sept. 10 for the decidedly snazzy price point of just $39.99. Also, the game’s hero will be able to swap out his head in order to gain special powers. Neat, right?

SCE Worldwide Studios Art Director Gavin Moore recently dropped by the PlayStation Blog to talk all things Puppeteer, as well as drop off a sweet new story trailer that you can watch for yourself at the top of this post.

The main focus of Moore’s post were heads or, more specifically, the heads of the Moon Heroes. You see, at the beginning of The Puppeteer, the main character, Kutaro, has his head removed. Relax! He’s a puppet. He probably didn’t even feel it.

Anyway, in order to make his way around the castle and take on the minions of the Moon Bear King, Kutaro is going to need to don bunches and bunches of heads in order to receive their special powers. Some heads with actually change the world around you while others will grant special abilities that unlock bonus stages.

The main heads you’ll want to keep your eye out for, though, are the Hero heads.

“Each Hero head possesses a power that once belonged to one of the four legendary Moon Heroes who fought valiantly to protect the Moon Goddess from being overthrown by the evil Moon Bear King,” said Moore. “Alas, their powers were no match for Moon Bear King’s twelve generals who ultimately defeated the heroes. But what if someone were brave enough to attain all four of those powers and use them together?”

You can check out the first two Moon Heroes, the Moon Knight and Moon Ninja, on the PS Blog post linked above. Otherwise, look for The Puppeteer to hit PS3 on Sept. 10.

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