Ragnarok Odyssey finally arrives on PlayStation Vita today, giving gamers on the go the chance to take on massive amounts of monsters with larger than life weapons either solo or with up to three friends. XSEED has released a launch trailer to celebrate.

For those who are gaming on the Vita and sad that no news of a Monster Hunter title coming to the console, you'll be happy to know that Ragnarok Odyssey does a pretty good job of scratching that itch. While the combat isn't as deep in RO and there are no little side objectives to distract you from the main missions (gardening, fishing, mining), Ragnarok Odyssey does offer a more streamlined experience, combo-heavy fighting and lightning fast gameplay.

In Ragnarok Odyssey, a monster beatdown game set in the same universe as the popular MMO, players choose from six classes of fighters, fine-tune their weapons and gear, stock up on potions, then head out into the field in order to pulverize monsters and collect loot. Even cooler is the fact that you can take the fight online with some friends.

Missions can take as little as five minutes, making Ragnarok Odyssey a good fit for mobile play, while fights against massive bosses can take upwards of half an hour, perfect for playing with friends.

Ragnarok Odyssey will be available in a digital format for the PS Vita once the PlayStation Network updates today. If you're buying a hard copy, the standard edition will set you back $39.99. There's also a Mercenary Edition, which includes a monster guide, soundtrack and 10 collectable monster cards, for $49.99.

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