Whoopsie! Someone at Gamespot appears to have jumped the gun this morning with one of their latest videos, revealing a character breakdown for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale combatant, Raiden.

“Wait a minute,” I hear you saying. “Raiden from the Metal Gear Solid series? But he hasn’t been officially announced yet!”

Well, technically, you are correct. Developer SuperBot Entertainment stated yesterday during the Evil Cole McGrath reveal that they would be unveiling two more characters for their four-player brawler at this weekend’s PAX event. No word yet on when that reveal is supposed to happen this weekend, but it certainly didn’t occur before Gamespot’s Raiden video hit the net. To be fair, this could have been the official reveal. Though if it was, it was executed pretty poorly and in a completely different manner than the rest of their big unveilings.

In the video, Game Director Omar Kendall spends nearly 10 minutes going over Raiden’s strategies with Seth Killian. Kendall refers to Raiden as one of SuperBot’s PAX reveals in the past tense, making it pretty obvious that this particular clip wasn’t supposed to be shown until after SuperBot, you know, actually revealed Raiden for the game.

For their part, SuperBot remained quiet on the Gamespot posting until mid-day, simply updating their Facebook with a link to the video and the statement “Raiden is revealed.” Given the fact that Raiden was one of the three remaining characters from a leaked list of combatants back in July, his official reveal should come as no big surprise. Still, even after having his presence in the game leaked, the poor folks at SuperBot can’t catch a break when it comes to trying to show off their newest fighters properly.

At this point, I half expect the SuperBot staff to simply wheel out crates full of the final product and just say “Fine! Here!” before walking away, shoulders slumped.

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