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One of the more popular online gaming profile trackers has been hacked. Raptr just announced that they users should heed their advice and change their user-account password as soon as possible. The interesting thing about the attack is that it's labeled as similar to the ones carried out recently against Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.

Over on the Raptr site, there's an announcement from the CEO and founder of Raptr, Dennis Fong, explaining what happened and why gamers should change their account details to avoid having their information accessed. Fong writes...
“Maintaining the highest level of security around your Raptr account information is of the utmost importance to us, so we're very sorry to inform you that some Raptr user data may have been recently compromised in an attack similar to hacking activities that have targeted other high-profile sites and services such as Xbox Live and Sony's PlayStation Network.”

One of the big worries is that Raptr Points may have been compromised. However, Fong tries to assure the community that the Raptr Points – a type of earned currency that can be traded in for rewards. If you're thinking that the points are useless or just decoration for your Raptr account, try thinking outside the box. You can use the Raptor Reward Points to purchase simple things like e-books and gift packs, or entire games. In fact, you can check out the extensive rewards page that lists some of the cool items you can redeem if you have enough points.

According to Fong...
“User names, email addresses, password hashes, and some first and last names may have been accessed. This means that although the passwords are hashed, users with weak passwords are vulnerable to unauthorized access. It's important to note that our two-factor authentication system used for redeeming Raptr Reward Points ensures that even if your Raptr account was among those compromised, the points you've earned as a Raptr member are protected.”

One of the things that Fong urges more than anything is that those of you who may have a shared username or password on any other community account, it would be wise to change your password or username on those accounts immediately.

Fong writes...
“Although the potential risk to Raptr users is pretty minimal, we urge you to access any accounts on other sites and services in which you use the same login and password associated with your Raptr account and change the related password(s) immediately.”

This is what many believe happened to some Diablo III accounts a few years ago, when some accounts were compromised and Blizzard denied having any responsibility for what happened. Of course, in the same token, Blizzard was quite mum on what was actually affecting the user accounts and whether or not it was a malicious attack, someone having attacked another platform and acquired usernames and passwords or if it was just trolls.

Nevertheless, Fong insinuating that the attacks against Raptr are similar to the PSN and Xbox Live attacks means that it could be the same script kiddies trying their hand at another gaming community. Previously they took down Microsoft and Sony's services over the Holiday break, preventing plenty of gamers from playing online during that time.

Fong wraps up the post by encouraging gamers to reset their passwords at their earliest convenience and apologizes for inconveniencing their community.

You can check out the full post over on the official Raptr website.

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