Following up on the amazing showdown at EVO 2013 this past weekend, Red Bull Training Grounds will be hosting a special eSports event to keep the competition alive and the blood of the gamers flowing through their veins with their Red Bull Training Grounds, a competitive weekend tournament that will take place at the end of July on the Full Sail University grounds.

The competition will feature eight professional gamers getting a chance to duke it out in StarCraft II while expert analysis of the event is doled out by Sean “Day[9]” Plott, Marcus “djWHEAT” Graham and Ben “Mr. Bitter” Nichol, who will work as the live commentators of the event and help get the audience acquainted with the action while also providing in depth insight into how the game is played. Newbies have to learn at some point, too.

The event will be streamed live via, giving gamers easy access to tune in and check out some of the best players around going head-to-head, as noted in the press alert, which states...
Eight pros from around the world will head to Full Sail, for a 3 day weekend of competitive training – with $10K on the line to keep them on their toes. Bringing a twist to the format, after each match, the players will head to the analysis desk, to critique their stumbles and triumphs with the event commentators.

The event will get underway beginning July 26th and will run through the weekend to July 28th. If you're really into the whole StarCraft eSports scene, this will probably be an event well worth checking out.

For those who don't know, both StarCraft II and League of Legends are two of the biggest eSports games within the tournament scene... if not the two biggest games in the eSports scene. While neither game has taken my interest by storm, they're still widely popular nonetheless and you can be a part of the Red Bull event just by tuning in on or visiting their official website to learn more about the weekend throwdown.

I'm curious if someone who isn't from South Korea will walk away as the winner? Heh, who am I kidding? That's like saying you're building a custom gaming rig and you're wondering if there's a CPU solution out there with top notch performance and reliability that isn't Intel.

If you're actually interested in seeing how the whole thing plays out, you can check out some tournament play of StarCraft II below.

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