The growing trend of eSports may not have permeated mainstream media yet but it's a force to be reckoned with and a force that's picking up a lot of support from all sorts of companies, including the ever-growing presence of and the peripheral maker, Turtle Beach.

Today, both Twitch and Turtle Beach have announced a partnership that will see Turtle Beach's headsets used in conjunction with live broadcasts at eSports events from all over.

Emmett Shear, the CEO of Twitch commented in the press release about the partnership, saying...
Turtle Beach makes the best-in-class quality, tournament-grade audio equipment in the industry. The new XP Seven is a huge leap forward for audiophiles everywhere. We're proud to have them as our official audio partner.”...”With the innovative features available in Turtle Beach's audio gear, anyone in the Twitch community will be able to easily broadcast their games and audio commentary with professional quality results.”

The partnership is a pretty big deal, especially considering that has attracted more than 34 million gamers and over 600,000 broadcasters.

The service has been paramount in getting and feeding attention to competitive games like Diablo III, StarCraft II and League of Legends to name a few. Adding Turtle Beach's audio peripherals to the mix will do a great deal of good to help get the audio gear out there and more exposed to a broader audience, especially since the company was voted for having the best gaming headsets in 2011.

Bob Picunko, the CMO at Turtle Beach commented about the partnership as well, saying...
“We're excited to partner with Twitch and provide them with our advanced tournament and broadcast products for their eSports and gaming events”...”Our latest generation of audio products, including the XP Seven, is designed for versatility so gamers can use the same premium headset for broadcasting video game footage, talking on a mobile phone or watching a movie on a tablet.”

Lots of promotion for that XP Seven in those quotes, I see.

Anyway, if the attempt to subliminally market the XP Seven to you hasn't worked, it's okay...the XP Seven isn't going anywhere and I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot more about the XP Seven or audio hardware equivalent to the XP Seven a lot more during any upcoming events where the XP Seven might make an appearance.

You can learn more about, who recently joined forces with Ouya, over at or you can check out more of Turtle Beach's gear including the XP Seven over on their official website.

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