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Tripwire Interactive announced today that they have released the software development kit for their World War II shooter, Red Orchestra 2, which came out during the late summer of 2011.

Tripwire Interactive is probably best known for their budget-priced, highly addictive horror-survival shooter, Killing Floor. The game's realistic weapons and classic health and armor mechanics carried over into Tripewire's World of War II FPS, Red Orchestra, which features very realistic war behavior and gameplay, meaning that unlike games such as Call of Duty or Halo your health does not recharge after taking damage. Weapons occasionally breakdown and teamwork is essential for success in Red Orchestra.

Anyways, following a rocky launch which was riddled with bugs and glitches, Tripwire eventually got around to fixing most of everything and then eventually got around to releasing the SDK, which will allow developers from all walks of life fiddle around with Red Orchestra 2 and create brand new experiences on top of Tripwire's engine.

As stated by the official development crew...
Tripwire Interactive are pleased to announce the release of the modding and map making tools for Red Orchestra 2, available free to everyone that owns Red Orchestra 2. While the limited functionality preview versions of the SDK have been available to select modders for a while, this release now makes the full capabilities of the Mod SDK available to everyone. Users can now make and publish everything from simple mods and mutators, through custom maps and on to full total conversion mods.

Three total conversions are currently in pre-production, and Tripwire Interactive wanted modders to get a glimpse at what's possible for Red Orchestra 2 by offering links to the three mods:
Rising Storm -
In Country Vietnam -
Iron Europe -

Modders, developers and gaming enthusiasts alike can learn more about the free SDK for Red Orchestra 2 by visiting the Official Tripwire Interactive Forums. Alternatively, you can start downloading the SDK right now via the Steam client.

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