Reddit User Transforms Fallout 4 Into Borderlands-Like Art Style

A comic book outline added around everything in Fallout 4 has been the result of tweaking some graphics mods for the game, including Boris Vorontsov's ENB Series, adding the Darker Nights mod, using the Fr4nssons Light Tweak and applying the Fallout 4 Enhanced Colors mod. What do all of these post-processing mods in combination get you? A Borderlands-like art style.

Kotaku picked up the news from a user on Reddit named Reddit_is_wrong who explains in a post that the comic book outline can be done by tweaking the ini settings and boosting up the “CartoonPower” to a value of 10.0, and the “CartoonEdgeSlope” to a value of 1.0. The first value determines how pronounced the feature will look in Fallout 4, while the second value adds the outline.

There's a video from YouTuber venombite12 who showcases exactly how this mod looks in action and whether or not it's something you'll want to apply to your version of the game. You can check out the demonstration in the video below.

The combination of mods to get the game to look like Borderlands does come with some slight faults. For instance, the increased circumferential outline doesn't just apply to characters and background objects, it also applies to things like text, menu navigation and even the Pip-Boy!

As you can see in the video above, it's difficult to navigate unless you have the resolution turned up pretty high, otherwise you're not going to be able to make out a lot of the text on the screen.

It's kind of funny because in the Kotaku comment section, there's a big argument over a line in the article about this particular discovery not being a Fallout 4 mod, even though it clearly modifies the game's visual look. There's a whole conversation about the difference between modifying code, modifying game assets and whether or not third-party rendering and shader utilities like ENB classify as a mod. There's a really, really simple solution to all of this: anytime any factor outside of the main game is used to modify the game itself, it's usually considered a mod.

In this case, it's not just a mod, but one that requires several other mods on top of it to work. In fact, if you want your version of Fallout 4 to look the way it does in the main image above, you will need to hit Nexus Mods to get the HD texture mods so that when you add the outlines, you can still make out the finer details of objects and clothing. You'll also want to get the Fr4nsson's Light Tweaks to add more highlight and correction while removing the bloom. You'll need Darker Nights if you want to see higher contrasted light during the night time of Fallout 4. And the Enhanced Colors if you want to remove the washed out filter that the game has. Oh, and you'll obviously need the latest version of the ENB mod so that you can make the most of the post-processing and shader modifications to get the game to look close to that of Borderlands.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.