The end of the month is just a few days away, meaning it’s officially time to take a peek at the September offerings for PlayStation Plus. It’s a nice lineup next month, offering plenty of zombie shooting and alien blasting on the PlayStation 3, as well as some law breaking and colorful platforming on the PlayStation Vita.

It’s a bit earlier than normal for Sony to be pulling back the curtain for next month’s Plus updates but, with the holiday coming up on Monday, maybe the team just decided to get out ahead of the curve and start their vacations nice and early.

While the order of releases can never really be nailed down, traditionally Plus updates begin with the big console title for the month and, this September, that’s the Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection. Featuring he HD-ified versions of both The Umbrella Chornicles and The Darkside Chornicles, these light gun shooters are best experienced with a PlayStation Move in hand, though a regular old controller will work just fine. Halloween season is just around the corner, so now you’ll be able to get in the spirit (get it?!) with plenty of shambling dead, dark corridors, flickering lights and hideous monstrosities lurking around every corner.

Next up on the PS3 roster is the HD version of the legendary Ico. Explore a breathtaking world while trying to save a mysterious girl in Team Ico’s first game and the spiritual predecessor to Shadow of the Colossus, which was also made available through Plus a few months back.

Galaga Legions DX rounds out the home console offerings for the months, bringing back some old school arcade goodness with a new twist. Take everything you like about Galaga, add in some spiffy new graphics and a thumping soundtrack, as well as new modes, upgrades and abilities, and you’ve got yourself a feast for the eyes and ears.

For those gaming on the go, you won’t be feeling left out on September’s Plus offerings. In celebration of Rayman: Legends finally releasing, Vita owners will be able to enjoy Rayman: Origins free of charge next month, offering all of the running, swinging, jumping and punching you could ever hope for, taking place in a lovely, colorful world of bizarre environments and even more bizarre baddies.

Similarly, Grand Theft Auto V launches in September, and there is perhaps no better way to prepare for the carnage than to get in some classic GTA action on the go. The PSP game Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories will be arriving through Plus this September, compatible with the PlayStation Vita. Take to the streets of Liberty City with gun in hand as you climb your way to the top of the criminal food chain.

And that’s going to do it for the main attractions in next month’s Plus lineup. Sales and additional free goodies typically round out each week’s offerings, so be sure to check back on a weekly basis to find out the full list of digital swag.

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