Rich Guys Like Playing Games On Xbox 360

New survey data has been released to tell us a little bit more about the gaming habits of today's market demographic. Unsurprisingly, wealthy, rich guys who make more than $100,000 a year still like to game... in fact, they like to game on average at about 10 hours a week.

The survey actually comes from a dating website, Seeking Arrangement. CEO and founder of Seeking Arrangement, MIT graduate Brandon Wade, was awestruck from the numbers that basically showcased that just because you're a rich dude it didn't mean that you can't game. He does, however, point out that moderation is the key... to everything...

“Many assume that time spent gaming is a detriment to success, which is completely false. Our survey indicates that gaming is an outlet, not distraction, in a wealthy man’s life,” ... “The difference between a successful man and an unsuccessful gamer is moderation. Whether it be regularly dating or regularly gaming, the key to enjoying any outlet is moderation."

So let's get a breakdown of the numbers: More than 13,728 men were surveyed, all of which make more than $100,000. More than 54 percent of the guys who partook in the survey played video games and 41 percent of those guys played on the Xbox 360 (that would explain why there were so many Xbox fanboys saying they didn't mind the price, the always-on or the DRM... they could afford not to care).

Surprisingly enough, many of the rich guys hardly played on PC, despite the fact that the common myth is that only rich people can afford to build a mega-gaming rig. But nope, PC was down on the list below the PlayStation 3 but above the Nintendo Wii, which ranked dead last on the list with a paltry 8 percent in terms of being a favorited console among the rich and wealthy. I guess the Wii just doesn't provide enough moments of competitive conquering like the other two big boys, which is why the rich guys apparently felt it appealed very little to their tastes. The 8 percent were probably long-time Zelda or Mario fanboys who just couldn't part ways with the Big 'N'.

You can check out the actual numbers below:

Wealthy Men and Video Games (According to 13,728 Total Responses)

1.) Do Play Video Games: 54 Percent (7,413 Men)

2.) Do Not Play Video Games: 46 Percent (6,315 Men)

Annual Salary vs. Hours Played (According to 7,413 Men Who Game)

1.) $100,000-$200,000 (1,354 Members) - 5.2 Hours Per Week

2.) $200,000-$300,000 (3,081 Members) - 6.7 Hours Per Week

3.) $300,000-$400,000 - (2,027 Members) 10.3 Hours Per Week

4.) $400,000-$500,000 (312 Members) - 2.2 Hours Per Week

5.) $500,000+ (639 Members) - 0.8 Hours Per Week

Wealthy Mens’ Favorite Console (According to 7,413 Men Who Game)

1.) X-Box 360 - 41% (3,039)

2.) Playstation 3 - 26% (1,928)

3.) PC - 25% (1,853)

4.) Nintendo Wii - 8% (593)

Quite naturally, these numbers instantly make me think about what rich women think about gaming and if they do game? I'm kind of hoping that Seeking Arrangement releases some new data on their female participants. It would really help shed some light on the playing habits between the two sexes that we usually don't get to see in statistical form.

You can learn more about the survey by paying a visit to the official Seeking Arrangement website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.