Dying Light is finally getting new downloadable content and it’s going to be a little different than what Dying Light’s story has included in the past. You can view the trailer for the DLC below.

Titled Dying Light: The Following, the new DLC tells of a man in the story who will come to the people in a time of plague and violence to bring light. Producer Tymon Smektala noted that when creating the new story content in the DLC, they stole inspiration from The X-Files and Twin Peaks, saying,
In the expansion, we're aiming for a bit of a different mood to the story. We all love some old good mystery, whether it's X-Files or Twin Peaks, so that's an element we're introducing to our world in Dying Light: The Following.

When Dying Light was released, the selling point of the game was the challenge of staying alive during the alternating day-night cycle, because when night fell, well things became more dangerous. There wasn’t really a strong story advertised seeing as it was just another zombie game in the group of games that had been released that year. The story of Dying Light actually centers around an undercover agent, named Kyle Crane, who is sent out to a quarantine zone. But another big part of the game is also its multiplayer modes, which includes a four-player co-op. So the fact that Techland is introducing a stronger narrative to the game is intriguing. One Twitter user expressed excitement for the new DLC.

The problem with Dying Light, for me, was always the story. When going into playing a video game, I have to make sure the game has a solid narrative. Upon seeing Dying Light and demoing it, I didn’t feel connected to the story. So the fact that Techland decided to make the DLC more narrative-heavy by adding to Kyle Crane's story, might just convince a lot of people to pick up the game again.

The Following DLC for Dying Light will be available on February 9 for $19.99 by itself, as part of the Season Pass or with the Enhanced Edition that also releases on the same day.

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