Shade 3D Modeling Tool Will Be Free For Unity 3D Engine

Software developer e frontier has announced that their long-running 3D modeling, animation and design tool, Shade 3D, will be available for Unity Technology's Unity 3D game engine starting this November on the Mac store.

Shade 3D has been in use for more than 27 years and has been a go-to toolset for many designers, developers and artists throughout the industry. Enabling aspiring and established game developers to take hold of Shade 3D for the Unity Engine will make it that much easier for designers to build and create assets for projects on the fly and without requiring a massive budget to license high-end 3D design tools.

As stated in the press release...

Original games created and developed with Unity and “Shade 3D for Unity” can be distributed to game enthusiasts through the Mac App Store for iPhone, iPod and iPad, Google Play for Android Devices, and various distribution systems such as Steam. Unity 3D integrated, Shade 3D for Unity is a dream come true for game developers who have long wanted a content creation and an editing tool that tightly integrates with their favorite development environments – Shade 3D for Unity is both powerful and completely free.

This is great news for up and coming designers and it'll be noteworthy to see what kind of games come out of this collaboration.

Designers could even get further help with partnered license software with Unity, including Mixamo, which provides designers with an easy-to-use microtransaction shop to purchase and utilize animations for 3D meshes. So after creating your assets in Shade 3D you can have them fully rigged and animated with just a few clicks of the mouse button.

You can check out a full list of the Shade 3D features for Unity 3D below, or visit the Official Website to learn more. The Shade 3D toolset will become available on the Mac store starting this November.

Basic Functions of Shade 3D: • Import/Export from/to Unity 3D

• Advanced 3D Modeling Environment

• Polygon Mesh Editor

• UV Editor and Image Management

• Desgin-Friendly Bezier Spline Modeler

• Powerful Object Instance Feature

• 3D Object Hierarchy Browser

• Material Setting Feature

• Material Parameter with Texture Map Setting

• Animation Setting Feature

• Draft Ray Tracing Renderer

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.