Autumn Games and Revenge Studios are teaming up together to bring gamers a side-scrolling fist-to-face, fighting game for home consoles later this year. The new game is being made based on the inspiration from Scott Pilgrim (along with the help from some of the artists from Scott Pilgrim and Lava Punch), and will give gamers a colorful, pugilists-filled experience.

Jason Donnell, president and COO, Autumn Games commented about the upcoming fighter, saying…
“We believe that Skullgirls has the chops to be the next big 2D fighter – it has amazing art, tight gameplay, and a rich and deep backstory,” …. “Working with the talented group at Reverge Labs is an added bonus, particularly with Mike Z’s expertise in the competitive games arena and Alex Ahad’s phenomenal art style.”

The game will be officially revealed during the upcoming Game Developers Conference between March 1st and 2nd. You can sign up for news and updates regarding SkullGirls by paying a kind visit to the Official Website.

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