With less than two days left in its Indiegogo campaign, Skullgirls has hit yet another milestone, guaranteeing a third mystery character to be added to the downloadable fighting game roster, as well as said character's own level and story.

Last month we announced that Skullgirls had broken the Indiegogo for being the fastest project to ever reach its initial goal in less than 24 hours. Long story short, the developers at Lab Zero were left out in the cold when their game's original publisher suffered some legal issues. In order to add a new character to the fighter's roster, the team turned to Indiegogo to raise $175,000. That goal was met in just 22 hours and, since then, the campaign has only continued to grow.

With about a month left on the Indigogo campaign countdown, the developers added several new tiers of goals in order to continue to add new content to Skullgirls in the form of characters, announcer voices, etc. The second major milestone of $375,000 was met with 12 days left to go, adding the character Big Band to the roster. A little while later, his stage and story were added at $400,000.

Now the community has done the originally unthinkable, surpassing yet another major milestone of $600,000 to guarantee the creation of a third mystery character. With 40 hours left on the clock as of this writing, fans have raised a total of $630,448, guaranteeing that mystery character's level and story mode, too.

The way the final character will be decided is based on votes from anyone who donated at least $1 to the cause. Throughout the campaign, Lab Zero has revealed 32 additional characters, most of which were originally planned as DLC characters for the original Skullgirls or characters for planned sequels. Following the campaign's conclusion, fans will go through four brackets of voting to decide which character will get added to the roster. More info on these characters, Skullgirls and more can be found at the official website. As a reminder, all of these characters will initially be available free of charge on all platforms, regardless of whether or not you took part in Indiegogo.

Whether you're a fan of the game or not, there's at least no denying that this is yet another huge success for crowd funding in video games, showing that fans are willing to work with smaller developers to help make their collective dreams come true.

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