Sega has been pimping out Sonic since 2006 like he was some sort of crack whore with a debt so deep that if he were a Las Vegas gambler he would have already been buried somewhere in the Nevada desert. Well, it looks like Sega has finally cleaned up the blue hedgehog and put him back on his game, because Lost Worlds looks tight.

IGN managed to get the exclusive debut reel but, as you can see, the trailer above lays out a game that genuinely looks like Sega is now trying their darndest to put Sega back on the pedestal as a legitimate mascot. I'm hoping his rehab went successful because there's a lot of potential based on that trailer alone.

As mentioned in the headline, the game takes on a sort of Super Mario Galaxy approach to the platforming, making the most use of three-dimensional planes that actually has player going around, through, over and under various aspects of the environment. It's like a more evolved and creative take on Sonic Colors that was on the Wii. The speed is still maintained from previous Sonic games but the new focus – just based on the trailer – seems to be more on exploring the most that a stage has to offer as opposed to blasting through it as fast as possible. I can dig it.

The game is due out exclusively for Nintendo's Wii U, signifying that Sega isn't the kind of publisher to hold a grudge because they can't make use of the used game fees that are currently looming over the heads of the PS4 and Xbox One.

You can look for Sonic Lost Worlds to launch later this year for the Wii U and 3DS. Need more info? Feel free to visit Sega's official website.

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