Sony Will Have A PS4 Press Conference At GamesCom 2013

Uh oh, it looks like that easy win at GamesCom 2013 for Microsoft may not be that easy after all. Sony has confirmed that they, too, will be attending GC 2013 in Cologne, Germany and that they will be hosting a big press conference as well for the PlayStation 4.

MCV UK is reporting that Sony will be attending GamesCom in a larger capacity than just demoing the PS4 and a few first-party titles on the show floor. The Tokyo, Japan company will be going all out to compete with Microsoft, by holding a full fledged press conference.

Earlier it was reported that Microsoft would be heading to GamesCom and that they would be hosting a conference as well, in order to further showcase and demonstrate the capabilities and features of the Xbox One.

According to MCV...

The platform holder will once again host its conference on the Tuesday before the show (August 20th), returning to the Saatenhaus am Rheinpark in Cologne.The conference will kick off at 7pm Central European Time (6pm in the UK), while doors will open at 6pm CET.

That's effectively 12:00pm EST and 9:00am PST. So gamers here Stateside would have to get up pretty early in the morning to tune in and see what Sony would have to offer – assuming it's anything new for the PS4.

A lot of speculation has centered around Sony finally unveiling the official release date of the PlayStation 4, along with additional exclusive titles for both their upcoming next-generation home console and the PS Vita.

Already, the PS4 will have more than 140 games made available throughout the first year on the market, 30 of which will be exclusive and that breaks down to nearly 11 games a month at nearly three new games every single week. How on Earth can anyone have any problems with that?

The best part about Sony's lineup of games for the PS4 is that they're a lot closer in-line to what was offered during the PS2's tenure, where gamers had a huge variety of titles ranging from AAA to C quality games. I mean, you can't really beat a line-up of versatility can you?

I would like to imagine that perhaps Nintendo has a counter-attack given that they're the only major console manufacturer who hasn't made anything known about their GamesCom presence in terms of hosting a conference or maybe doing a Nintendo Direct. Just keeping in the news would at least help, especially with the holiday season drawing ever-so-near.

Right now, though, it looks like the real battle will be between Microsoft and Sony at GamesCom, and which console will look more legit for the launch day purchase this fall.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.