Queasy Games’ do-it-yourself musical platformer, Sound Shapes, has been making quite a bit of noise since it released this past fall, turning PlayStation 3 and Vita owners the world over into creative world builders and masterful maestros. As a way of saying thanks, the folks over at Queasy have decided to give everyone a little Christmas present in the form of some new instruments to add a festive flair to your holiday creations.

Sound Shapes can be a tricky game to explain. While the game comes packed with several levels and hand-crafted musical numbers, the real meat of the experience lies in the player community where everyone can create their own levels which revolve around an ever-building soundtrack. The player takes control of a little ball that is on a quest to pick up point bubbles. Each of these bubbles, as well as the enemies and some of the environmental pieces being used, adds a new layer to the world’s soundtrack.

But enough about that. We came here for presents! And that’s exactly what Queasy Games is offering. The next time you turn on your PS3 or Vita version of Sound Shapes with a working internet connection, the game will automatically download your free holiday sounds DLC pack. According to the PlayStation Blog, the pack includes five Christmas-themed instruments from classic holiday music, which you can now insert into any of your own creations. The PS Blog post goes on to encourage anyone who makes a holiday-themed level to share their creation across Twitter with an #XMAS hashtag so the developers can be sure to play the levels over the coming weeks.

And now, some warm wishes from the Quesy team.

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