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Today Good Old Games added two titles to their library that are certainly good and old. Sci-fi games Star Control and Star Control 2 are now being sold together through GOG in a $5.99 bundle.

In the first Star Control, humanity has been drawn into an intergalactic war. They join the Alliance of Free Stars in an attempt to stop the Hierarchy of Battle Thralls from conquering the galaxy. The game is a turn-based strategy with real-time combat. Each race has their own type of starship and the combat consists of duels between these unique ships.

Star Control 2 retains the real-time combat while adding new races and ships. The rest of SC2 is more of an adventure/RPG than a strategy game. You play the captain of an advanced alien ship and travel the length of the galaxy trying to end the evil Ur-Quan's reign. You can engage alien races diplomatically, explore planets for resources, and upgrade your flagship.

Purchasing the Star Control 1 + 2 bundle will also earn you a few digital bonus items. You'll get instructional manuals for both games, a guide for Star Control 2, the soundtrack (superb, by the way), and a map.

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