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Ahead of the game's release on PC and PS4, gamers who really want to get in on some Street Fighter V action this summer can do so at Six Flags theme parks across the United States. Capcom announced that their AAA fighting game will be in attendance at special kiosks throughout the country.

Gematsu has a chart detailing the locations and dates for when the arcade game will be present at Six Flags theme parks as well as how long gamers and park attendees will be able to dive into the new 3D fighting game. You can check out the chart below.

It's amazing that the demo rendition of Street Fighter V will be available via the kiosks at Six Flags all the way up until December 31st. That's actually somewhat shocking to me because it seems like giving out a lot well ahead of the game's release. I also wonder if they will be updated at all with new features as Capcom plows through the development phase or if they'll stay static?

The cost efficient answer is that 'no' they will likely not upgrade, update or modify the games running at the kiosks. The game will be based on a pre-release version of the PlayStation 4 build. They don't mention exactly how many characters will be available to play but it's safe to assume that characters like Ryu, Chun-Li, Charlie and M. Bison will likely make the cut.

In addition to allowing park attendees to get in some game time with Street Fighter V, Gematsu notes that there will be single-match tournament eliminations that take place over the weekend. I don't know if there will be prizes handed out, but that's a great way to potentially introduce some casuals to the seedy and rowdy world of the Fighting Game Community. Giving some young kid a taste of victory in a big public display might lead them to one day enter EVO with a bandanna, a badass fight-stick and the kind of button mastery that would make a professional copywriter jealous.

Speaking of EVO... for a couple of territories it looks as if Street Fighter V will be made available just before this year's EVO series gets underway in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Street Fighter V won't be the only big AAA fighting game on hand at the event. Other prime-time titles like Tekken 7 and Mortal Kombat X along with Super Smash Bros will also be present.

Street Fighter V is already being hailed as one of the fastest Street Fighter games that Capcom has ever made. And barring being the “fastest” it's most certainly the smoothest. The developers are aiming for the smooth-as-butter 60fps mark and the gameplay videos released so far showcase the game as being a major step up in the quality and entertainment values of the series.

The game is scheduled to launch in the spring of 2016 next year for the PC and PlayStation 4. Sadly there's no Xbox One version this time around.

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