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The Super Bowl is being predicted by Mario Kart 8. As ridiculous as that may seem, Nintendo hopped on the promo bandwagon after Marshawn Lynch appeared on the Conan O'Brien show and mentioned how much he loves Mario Kart 8. What resulted of this little mention was Nintendo putting up a small clip of how the Super Bowl would turn out, simulating the results through Mario Kart 8.

So how exactly did it work? Well, Game Informer explains that Rob Gronkowski was designed as a Mii and represented the New England Patriots, where-as Marshawn Lynch was being simulated as Toad, representing the Seattle Seahawks.

As the clip above shows, Lynch managed to get the upperhand on “Gronk” and this enabled him to take the win for the Seahawks.

The whole thing originally was mentioned in passing during a segment of the Clueless Gamer on Conan O'Brien's show, where Lynch and “Gronk” originally met to do battle in NetherRealm Studios' Mortal Kombat X.

The segment was pretty hilarious and was 11 minutes of hijinks and goofiness surrounding the two football stars and Mortal Kombat X. At one point, one of the finishers – involving someone being split open and disemboweled – caused Lynch to throw his hands up and get up and walk away.

Eventually Lynch returned to finish his battle with “Gronk”, but it looks like some gaming companies wanted to continue that battle over into Super Bowl Sunday where they're running all sorts of simulations between the two teams (or in the case of Mario kart 8, the two players).

Heck, even EA did their annual Madden NFL simulation to determine who would come out the victor between the highly anticipated showdown. In fact, EA's simulation predicted a rather bombastic finish, one that you can check out below.

As for Mario Kart 8... the game has been selling quite well for Nintendo and managed to surpass a lot of the early expectations for the game. In fact, it was because of Mario Kart 8 that Nintendo managed to surpass their profit margins for the end of the year, as reported by the Inquirer.

Helping gain a little extra exposure by jumping in on the Super Bowl Sunday festivities isn't a bad way to keep the hype train moving for the Big 'N'. For all your other Super Bowl coverage needs, be sure to check it out over in CB's Television section.

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