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Team Meat has a new game in the works. Today designer Edmund McMillen announced that in the course of preparing the next Super Meat Boy for iOS and PC, they began making another title called Mew-Genics.

"Mew-Genics is by far the strangest project I've ever worked on.. and that's saying something," McMillen said on the Team Meat blog. "Tommy and i are very happy with how development has been going on it and decided that Mew-Genics will be the next official Team Meat game."

He didn't disclose many details about the game. He simply said that it will feature random generation and cats. The game's platforms, features and screenshots will be released soon.

One piece of concept art from Mew-Genics show mutated kittens. Maybe the particular mutations of these cats will be one of the randomly generated aspects of the game. The other art shows dead cats with halos, so I'd expect that these mutant cats will go through some serious trials and tribulations.

The release date for Mew-Genics is also unclear but McMillen says that they're "moving quite fast on it." Apparently it'll be out before the new Super Meat Boy.

"SMB fans need not worry, the new Super Meat Boy (SMB:TG) is still in dev, just on hold till we squeeze this little kitten out of our loins."

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