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Tales Of Graces F Release Date Announced

Feeling like you need a little more RPG lovin' for your PS3? Well, there's a new game on the way arriving early in 2012 for you JRPG fans. Namco Bandai set the official release date in stone for the upcoming PlayStation 3 RPG exclusive, Tales of Graces F.

The latest game is a continuation of the long-running Tales of Series made popular originally on the SNES with Tales of Phantasia, which was a strikingly beautiful game for a 16-bit system with a gorgeous soundtrack and a slightly "WTF" story that has an ending epic enough to boggle your mind. The series has continued to 'wow' fans over the years, keeping mostly with the JRPG mechanics that made it popular.

The latest game in the series features a brand new and improved real-time active battle system, giving gamers a new take on strategy warfare as players battle to save the universe with three warring planets all fighting and vying for galactic resources and dominance. The game's war themes are offset with a vibrant art-style that borrows a lot from traditional sci-fi anime. Like most JRPGs before it, the game also sports the typical friendship-bond storyline and character connections as the game progresses.

Namco Bandai wanted PS3 gamers to know that Tales of Graces F will be officially available on retail shelves in North America beginning March 12th, 2012. For further information on the game feel free to visit the Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.