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If you haven’t gotten around to playing Terraria on PC or the PlayStation 3, well maybe being able to take the massive RPG adventure game with you on the go will help sweeten the pot. The folks over at 505 Games have announced that a PlayStation Vita version of Terraria is due out sometime this summer.

We announced earlier this week that Terrara was finally launching on the PlayStation 3, making the formerly PC exclusive game playable on home consoles for the first time. Now, just a couple of days after that console launch, Producer David Welch has dropped by the PlayStation Blog to let everyone know that Terraria is now coming to the PS Vita as well.

505 Games will continue to partner with Engine Software and Re-Logic for this Vita port, bringing everything you love about the PC/Console game to the palm of your hands.

“Ever since we announced that Terraria was coming to PS3, we’ve been overwhelmed by requests for a Vita version,” said Welch. “We’re tremendous fans of the PS Vita system, and with its tough controls, dual analog sticks, gorgeous display and robust online features, it seemed like a natural fit.”

Featuring a retro art style and a massive open world for players to explore, Terraria is all about digging, looting and fighting loads of monsters. There are hundreds of items to utilize and pieces of armor to don, as well as dungeons to discover and giant bosses to overthrow. And when you’re not questing, you’ll be building pretty much anything you your heart desires.

While it is unknown if cross-buy or cross-play will be options, the official Vita announcement does promise multiplayer for up to eight adventurers, trophies and leaderboards. In short, you’ll be getting the full Terraria experience crammed onto the PS Vita sometime this summer.

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