Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts could be gearing up for a big release date reveal of the futuristic mech-shooter, Titanfall 2. That's according to some placeholder boxes currently sitting on the shelves of GameStop at the moment.

Shacknews estimates that given the limited amount of shelf space on GameStop shelves, they would only add Titanfall 2 boxes if the release date was going to be announced soon and that pre-order promos are coming soon. The only problem is that the boxes that GameStop has stocked up for Titanfall 2 have nothing on the cover and they're just black with the title words on there. There's no additional information.

Of course, this could go either way for the actual proximity of the release date announcement for the upcoming shooter. GameStop could just be building pre-order interest for the game leading up to some inevitable news that EA and Respawn will drop at the special non-E3 press conference that EA will hold this year in California (conveniently taking place within a similar vicinity and time-frame as E3). Or it's possible that the release date really is prepping to get announced soon and GameStop has already laid out the red carpet with some placeholder boxes.

One of the odd things is that they noticed that the boxes were in the PlayStation 3 section of the store, which is kind of odd because there's no way that Respawn would risk limiting the Titanfall sequel's potential by keeping it on the seventh gen consoles.

One of the biggest drawbacks to the first Titanfall was that they had to scale it so that it could still run on the Xbox 360. This limited how big the environments were, how many titans could be on the screen at one time and how many players were able to be in a map at any single one time. This limitation affected both the PC and Xbox One version of the game, making it feel slightly smaller than what it could have been.

More than anything it could have been a stocking mistake, and the boxes were likely supposed to be placed in the PlayStation 4 version of the store. Electronic Arts and Respawn have made it abundantly clear that Titanfall 2 is definitely going to be multiplatform and that the PlayStation 4 is most certainly on the table. It seems like a more logical conclusion than EA and Respawn risking putting the game on hardware that is literally an entire decade old.

We do know for sure that the team is going big and bold when it comes to the story and they have plans on going all out on the single-player campaign, something that was sorely missed in the first game.

In fact that was definitely one of the biggest complaints about the original Titanfall – in addition to it not being on the PlayStation 4 – was that it lacked a proper single-player campaign. Not everyone was willing to put $60 down on a shooter where they were forced to play online in team deathmatch modes. Respawn is completely changing that around this time by giving gamers more options so that they play something story oriented in an offline capacity.

While the details in this latest spotting are kind of thin, it at least moves us just a tad bit closer to the actual release date announcement for the highly anticipated Titanfall 2.
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