Titanfall Top-Down Map Images Leaked

Top-down images for Titanfall's maps were leaked through Reddit on Sunday. They provide us with great views of the multiplayer shooter's many battlefields.

Titanfall ships with 15 maps in all. The names and descriptions of each were leaked during the beta last month (via NeoGAF):

Corporate - Applied Robotics labs on the Frontier such as this one, developed the IMC's Spectre automated infantry unit.

Colony - IMC and Militia forces clash in the close-quarters of an uncharted rural colony.

Fracture - Years of aggressive fuel extraction have taken their toll on this former colony for the privileged.

Relic - Parts salvaged from this old IMC shipwreck are sent into the valley below for further processing.

Angel City - When the IMC instituted martial law in Angel City, massive walls were built to divide the city into many smaller districts.

Outpost 207 - Orbital defense cannons stationed at high altitude defend against the incursion of hostile capital ships.

Boneyard - Extensive IMC research on wildlife repulsor technology was once conducted at this facility.

Airbase - IMC Airbase Sierra is defended against local wildlife by the latest generation of repulsor tower technology.

Demeter (This was leaked as o2 (dev tag), actual name is Demeter) - Demeter is a critical fuelling station for IMC forces making the jump into the Frontier.

Smuggler's Cove - Part arms-bazaar and part pirate enclave, Smuggler's Cove is famous for its selection of mercenaries and black-market kits.

Nexus - IMC forces move in to pacify a backwater agricultural outpost suspected of harboring Militia personnel.

Lagoon - An IMC carrier makes an emergency landing on a small fishing village in the Freeport system.

Rise - Militia special forces set up a Long-Range Desert Patrol outpost in an abandoned IMC reservoir.

Training Ground - IMC Pilot training programs conducted here have a 98 percent fatality rate. Only the strong survive.

I'm impressed by the diversity of terrain in Titanfall's maps. Players will be traveling to deserts, snowy mountains, cities and jungles. The variety of textures must be at least partly to blame for the larger-than-average install size of the game.

The pictures leaked today through Reddit should help you get familiar with the layout of each map. Even if you don't care about the game enough to study the geography, the images are still worth a look. Each includes ground-level screenshots of key locations. It's the most complete view we've had of the game so far.

Titanfall will debut on March 11th on the Xbox One and PC. The Xbox 360 version will arrive exactly two weeks later.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.