If you're looking for some new shazbot to clutter your desk, head to Tribes: Ascend's website. They're offering printable paper kraft patterns featuring Blood Eagle and Diamond Sword troopers.

You can download the paper kraft characters and their flags here. Then, all you need is some sturdy paper, a pair of scissors, and glue. Try not to botch it too badly because you'll need your creations for an important task.

In addition to simply looking awesome, these little paper soldiers can win you some fabulous prizes. Hi-Rez Studios is hosting a contest that challenges players to create a funny image or video using these Chibis. The creators of the best two images and best two videos will each get swag packs with Ascend t-shirts, masks, key chains and stickers. The first place winner in each category will get 5,000 Tribes Gold as well.

All submissions for the contest must be sent in by June 22nd. Hi-Rez will whittle down the entries over the weekend, and put the top submissions up for fan voting until the 29th. For other fine print, read this Hi-Rez forum post.

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